"Walk This Way: Life Lessons for Dealing With Bullies and Bad Times"  

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Ronnie was born on July 19, 1957 to Robert and Sally Bachman, an ordinary couple raising a family in the 1950's. At the age of four, his parents made the decision to amputate his deformed legs in hopes of a better life for their son. At an age when other children learned to walk on their legs, Ronnie learned to walk on his hands. Soon after the amputations, Ronnie was fitted with artificial legs that he wore while at school. At the age of 18 he threw away the legs and decided to live life on his terms. Far from being depressed by this, Ronnie was delighted! Now he could move faster, climb higher. Even as a little kid in northwest Detroit, Ronnie had "places to go and people to see." He loved life and encountered it with joy and determination. He quickly learned how to live a "normal" life despite his circumstances and the world's baffled stares and often cruel remarks.

Ronnie went to Oakman School for the Handicapped during Elementary and Junior High School. From there he attended Cody High School in Detroit, MI. Shortly after high school, Ronnie began working at different companies. In 1979, Ronnie married and in 1980 his daughter, Alicia Marie was born. After four years of marriage, Ronnie and his wife decided to call it quits and Ronnie was faced with the challenge to win custody of his daughter. Upon doing so, this started a new chapter for Ronnie as a single Dad.

While watching his daughter blossom and grow, Ronnie tapped into his own childhood dream of working in broadcasting. In 1988 he enrolled in the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts where he learned radio and television broadcasting. Upon graduation he worked at a number of different radio stations throughout southeast Michigan.

A documentary film made about Ronnie's life was released in 1998, which began another new chapter that included speaking to young people throughout Michigan. Never before did he think that he would intentionally face kids because of the taunting and teasing he experienced at the hands of other children. The larger the audience became, the bigger the impact he had on their lives.

Today Ronnie continues his Walk This Way Tour and is scheduled for 200+ shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. By the close of this tour, Ronnie will have reached well over seven million people with his message of tolerance, diversity and anti-bullying.


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