Ron’s enthusiastic, and positive outlook on life is contagious. His personal experiences from childhood to adulthood, his clear message of tolerance, understanding, kindness, and the significance of each living, breathing human being tear down those human walls of intolerance, bullying and hurtful teasing.
— Keith Anleitner, Principal Farmington, MI

Are you in need of an inspirational speaker who can engage your students and change their lives for the better in just one hour? Ron Bachman has spoken all over the country and his message is always well received. His program is relevant and motivational – young people learn to be more tolerant and kind to their fellow students. In many cases, bullying has decreased by as much as 80%! 

Ron’s school program produces:

  • Reduction in bullying
  • Greater student self-esteem
  • Increase in interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of the Power of Words
  • Diversity of information related to able-bodied and disabled students
  • Healthier behaviors within school
  • Stronger student connections to teachers and administrators
  •  Focused student efforts on breaking stereotypes
  •  Better concentration in the classroom

If you'd like to learn more about Ronnie's shows, visit www.youtube.com and search his name and "Walk This Way." There are a few videos that are very informative and give you a taste of his fantastic energy and allow you to find out more about this wonderful, kind man -- his struggles and successes.  

Ron will do a 45-60 minute show, then sign autographs and meet students personally. He truly has a huge impact on them and they want to meet him after he speaks.

If you have any questions or would like a custom quote for your event, please email us directly at ronbachman@hotmail.com.



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